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Do take heed, dear democrats, market economy admirers
and those prone to expand on the horrors of Stalins repressions!
The crisis as the root cause of suicide on a mass scale in 2008-2009

Through problems in his business a 39-year-old entrepreneur, general director of the Genesis jont-stock company in St.Petersburg, has committed suicide...The militia are sure of the financial crisis to be the reason. Two months ago the deputy of the late boss threw himself out of the window of a 16-storey block of flats. Shortly thereafter 24-year-old Ruslan Sharapov, a worker at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, hanged himself in his room: a reduction of 3000 people had been announced...A suicide case on the farm-stead Buyerak-Popovsky in the Serafimovich district, Volgograd region, is thought to be the first of so-called credit suicide. On the 11th of November 2008 46-year-old Fyodor Lyubimov, head of another large farm, put an end to his life on realizing he would be unable to repay the banks credit even after selling his crop.

Because of a pending reduction at work there shot himself a 45-year-old man in the settlement Pilna (Nizhegorodsky region) .In early October the well-known entrepreneur Aleksander Doronin at Yekaterinburg also committed suicide. Prior to the sad event he announced folding up a major catering chain inYekaterinburg because of the financial crisis...Law-enforcement authorities do not exclude, that it was on account of the crisis that yet one more suicide happened in Novosibirsk on the 17th of September, when a 58-year-old man threw himself out of the window of the office block

The crisis has proved to be the cause of suicide in foreign countries as well. The 29th of September...The multimillionaire Kirk Stevenson threw himself under a running train... According to The times, the British millionaire Christopher Foster killed himself, his wife and daughter because of a financial plight. In October the 45-year-old financier Kartika Rajaram, on losing his job, shot his mother, wife and three sons, whereupon he killed himself.

In October suicide was committed by Pan Guisyun, the head of a major Chinese sugar producer Guangdong Zogood Group, the reason being bad debts over unhappy deals in futures.

36-year-old Paulo Serhio Silva, a trader at the broking department of the Brazilian banking group Itau shot himself in the chest during an auction by tender at the Bovespa Exchange in Brazil...Within a weeks time two Indian brokers hanged themselves after losing much money at the exchange. The Ukrainian Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport ascertained in October a rise in suicide cases caused by the crisis. Previously Margaret Chan, General Director of the World Health Organization had warned, that a world financial crisis might lead to an increase in suicide cases...

27.01.2009. A newly-made jobless, resident of Wilmington, California, killed his wife and five children, whereupon killed himself.

The International Labour Organization predicts, that about 20 mil people might lose their jobs by the end of 2009. According to the findings of the Russian Centre of Public Opinion Poll, 28% of working citizens in Russia expect staff reduction...Many experts believe, that the majority of Russias employers will hardly decide on mass reduction, they will sooner cut wages by about 10-15%.

Analysts expect the financial crisis to have grave consequences for Russia -...people will lose their property, only the strongest will survive (Finance-online).

The editorial staffs view: according to the mass media, within only a week in December 2008 more people committed suicide than in the whole of November. Even billionaires respond to the crisis in the similar way. The number of victims is on the rise daily. The summit is yet ahead. The authors of the Proriv journal maintain: there DOES EXIST an alternative! Do send in your articles and do phone while it is not too late.

Along with deliberate forcing thousands of people to commit suicide, democrats and entrepreneurs are at guilt for organizing a conveyor system of custom-made murders, executions, of financing the hired killers corps in the Russian Federation. Some facts:

...The Head of Investments Projecting Institute, Baron by nickname, killed in Moscow. His body found in Osenny Boulevard in his mothers flat.

The dead body of an insurance companys employee found in the south of Moscow on 29.01.09.

A guest worker from Uzbekistan found dead in the environs of St.Petersburg on 02.20.09

The murder of the former branch director of The Ministry of Economic Development solved without delay... Interfax.05.02.09 23:54h [What luck! - ed.]

The murder of Sergey Mironovs adviser solved in Moscow...Gazeta.ru 05.02.09...23:49 [Everyone calmed down - ed]

The former vice-mayor of Grozny and a Georgian businessman killed in Moscow on 05.02.09...20:27...

Each day the lists of those executed enable one to comprehend in a clear-cut way the motives for democrats struggle against socialism. Extrajudicial life sentences are passed today not by the state, but by PRIVATE persons. Now they have acquired the right to execute thousands of people by unemployment and, as a result, by starvation without bearing any responsibility whatsoever. Death penalties are passed towards the opposition, the most honest employees of judicial authorities, intractable officials, casual witnesses, but, first and foremost, towards COMPETITORS. Do take heed, dear competitors! Your reciprocal death sentences are not to be appealed against.

Dear compatriots, if you havent still got it right, then...
Keep on voting for democrats, for the market economy in the Russian Federation, keep going in the steps of Gorbachov and Yeltsin, on the way paved by Gaidar and Chubais, glorified by Solzhenitsin and Yevtushenko, Zhvanetsky and Shenderovich, Pozner and Novodvorskaya; in that case you are in (together with your offsprings) for unceasing economic crises - till the end of human history - with still graver consequences.

March 2009

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